SCLEROMED for sclerotherapy

SCLEROMED for sclerotherapy

SCLEROMED is a relatively weak sclerosant recommended for the local treatment of varicose veins, especially small vessels and communicating veins of the superficial venous system. It is also used as an adjunct to the surgical treatment of varicose veins in the lower limbs.

-Use only under strict supervision (preferably by a physician accustomed to sclerosing technique).
-To be administered very cautiously to women on oral contraceptives and to patients with a history of deem thrombophlebitis.
-Do not inject arteries (risk of ischemia and necrosis of the surrounding tissues)
Depends on the length and size of the vein to be sclerosed. Do not inject more than 10ml per visit, at the rate of 0.1ml maximum per injection site; keep a 5cm space between injection sites.

Each 10ml contains
Dextrose USP 2500mg
Sodium Chloride USP 1000mg
Phenylethyl Alcohol USP q.s.
Propylene Glycol USP   q.s.
Water for Injection   q.s.

Manufactured by Rex Pharma Group, Hungary

Price is Php2000/vial

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