Reiki glutathione 900mg

reikiglutathione 900mg
Taking high doses of glutathione does not guarantee fast whitening effect because glutathione is WATER SOLUBLE which means anything in excess will be detoxify by kidneys and excreted as urine. Like other water soluble Vitamins C and B complex, you cannot take high doses like 5,000mg in 1 time just to be sure you have the immunity for 5 days or more. You have to take it everyday. Taking high doses of Vitamin C is suspected for leading cause of kidney stones. Similar to glutathione, it is better to take safer dose which is below 1,000mg for healthy individuals to avoid future problems.Clinical trials using high doses of glutathione are performed for critically ill patients or patients with serious problems that needs glutathione for therapy like cystic fibrosis patients, male infertility etc.
For restoration of youth and add more glow of skin Reiki glutathione 900mg is found more effective than taking high doses because it has HIGH BIOAVAILABILITY with 100nM to make it easier to be absorb and use by the body! Natural Beauty comes from healthy body!

PRICE: PHP3,000/BOX 10VIALS with needles and Vit C

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