Hair removal, Intense Pulse Light Machine

Luminic Hair Removal


LUMINIC through intensed pulse light,

-removes hair by heating the hair shaft and roots.
-it stops the hair growth in the hair growth early in the anagen phase.

Q: Is the IPL harmless if I see it direct?

A: Luminic IPL-10 is designed for safe treatment. It is advised not to look directly to the light beam. It includes dark glasses to protect the therapist during operation.

Q: When using Luminic, do I have to shave or remove the hair before treatment?

A: Just shave 1mm of height. If you remove hair by waxing, epilators, tweezers, your hair follicle absorb less heat and this will lessen the effect.

Q: Can I see the hair remained after the HR treatment?
A: Several hairs can be remained after normal treatment. This will be removed automatically within 2 weeks because the hair follicle was affected/harmed by IPL. Do not remove the remaining hair by waxing, epilators or tweezers.

-No steroids.
-No for taking topical Vitamin A, or photosensitive medication within last one month
-No for heart pacer, insulin pump or medical device
-No for radio-active treatment or chemical therapy.
-No for pregnant or lactating women.
-No for tanning treatments.

Lamp: xenon lamp
Light Source: Pulsed light

Energy Fluency
Hair removal: 3.0J/cm2
Skin Care: 1.8j/cm2-5.5/cm
Spot Size: 30m x 15mm

Hair removal: 470nm
Skin Care: 420nm

Price: Php50,000

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