Illuminax Soap ILLUMINAX SOAP Buy Now Button with Credit Cards Most whitening soap in the market are loaded by whitening ingredients without balancing the process and the formula resulting to skin depleted with moisture. Because the common side effects of Lightening/Whitening soap, is skin drying, that leads to wrinkles and fast aging of the skin while other soap put moisturizer to debunk the side effects, their moisturizer gives wrinkled and pimpled skin only….. ILLUMINAX soap is also a skin lightening soap, but it is not an ordinary whitening soap, because they balanced the formula of whitening and moisturizing of the skin. It lightens the skin with carefully saving the moisture resulting to young beautiful skin. Even pimples tends to dry up fast when uses regularly. The secret is not only in the formula but in the process on how carefully saving the potency of each raw materials. It is almost similar when cooking food, when you overcooked the food..the vitamins and minerals already evaporates and few left in the food to eat. People eats the food hoping for the benefits it could give. But the hope remains hope because the vitamins and minerals is already damage by the process of cooking. With ILLUMINAX, the process of making the soap is equally important with the raw materials used. The goal is to preserve the purity and potency of the raw materials that makes it more effective whitening soap for younger, beautiful skin….. PRICE: 150/piece 135g Discounts available for bulk order!

illuminax with security seal

Beware of Fake ILLuminax soap! Many can copy the color and shape but not the effectiveness and care given for every bar!

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